Christmas Decoration Storage Guide

A female hand Decorating Christmas tree

It’s that time of year again. The Christmas decorations emerge from dusty boxes to cries of nostalgic excitement, only to be trundled hastily back into their cardboard grotto a few weeks later and forgotten about until next year.

If you’ve found yourself caught in the annual tradition of clumsily packing lights into cramped corners and inevitably breaking a bauble or two, or worse, still coming home to Christmas lights on the tree by mid-February, you’re not the only one. Christmas decoration storage is an exasperating necessity of the festive season, but, when done right, it doesn’t have to be all bah humbug. Keep reading for our best tips and tricks on Christmas decoration storage solutions.

How do you organise and pack away Christmas decorations?

What is the best way to store Christmas decorations? Keep reading for a quick run-down of our best Christmas decoration storage ideas.

Organise by category

A fail-safe way to streamline next year’s decorating and avoid potential arguments when you can’t find certain ornaments – group similar items together. This means decorations in one box, lights in another, and so on. Future-proof the annual process, and make the de-decorating a much more organised brigade than the usual chaos of lights and baubles dashed into any old box.

Invest in proper storage 

When it comes to Christmas decoration storage boxes, you want to find sturdy, transparent plastic containers with lids. This ensures two things: you can easily see what’s inside each box, and you can rest safe in the knowledge that your more precious decorations will be safeguarded against the hustle and bustle of being stacked and unstacked each year.


Want to get really organised? Add labels to each storage box so you know their contents without even having to lift them. You don’t have to invest in a fancy label-maker – masking tape and a marker will do.

Wrap fragile items

Delicate ornaments and decorations will require a little more TLC. Make sure to wrap these items individually in tissue paper, bubble wrap, newspaper, or even old clothes or tea towels before placing them in their storage boxes to ensure they don’t end up breaking during their journey to and from the tree each year.

If you’ve got anything extra special waiting to be put proudly on display, you can also invest in ornament storage boxes. These often have individual compartments, providing extra protection for your most delicate pieces. 

Storing lights

We all know the nightmare feeling of the perpetually tangled Christmas tree lights. Save yourself the annual headache by wrapping string lights around pieces of cardboard, or use specially designed cord organisers if you’re feeling fancy. This will save time and a lot of frustration when it comes time to decorate next year.

Protect wreaths

Wreaths are prone to losing their shape if stored incorrectly. You can avoid this by using a wreath storage bag or box to protect it from dust and damage, or go for the quick and easy option of simply hanging your wreath on a sturdy hanger and covering it with a plastic bag.

Artificial trees

Trees can be tricky to dismantle. Once you’ve completed the challenge of getting them down, it can be all too tempting to chuck all the bits and pieces into the closest container to hand and leave the mess for future-you to sort. But, it’s worth taking the time to disassemble according to the manufacturer’s instructions and storing it carefully in the box it came in – this will help protect the branches and keep the tree in good condition, so you get more years’ return on your investment.

Temperature-controlled storage

If possible, it’s a good idea to store decorations in a cool, dry place, away from extreme temperatures and humidity that can cause damage to items over time.

Inventory checklist

The organisers among you will like this one – keep an inventory checklist of all your decorations so that you can avoid anything going missing next year. 

How do you store Christmas decorations in a small space?

Working with a cosier space but still wanting to maximise your festive cheer? We’ve got you covered – here’s how to make sure you’re not stuck climbing over boxes 11 months out of the year.

Downsize and declutter

This is one that takes some prep and planning. Before storing your decorations, take a moment to assess what you really need. Which are your favourite decorations that you simply can’t part with, and which have just become party fodder? 

Consider donating items that you no longer use – second-hand Christmas decorations are a great way to enjoy the festive season without breaking the bank and creating more unnecessary waste.

Use space-saving containers

Stackable boxes are your best friend. Opt for space-saving storage that can be nested when empty.

Utilise vertical space

Take advantage of any vertical space you have in your home, such as the top section of cupboards or other storage areas. Get creative with shelving units, hanging organisers, or hooks to get your stored decor off the floor. Wreaths, garlands, and other lightweight decorations are great to hang on hooks and hangers on the inside of doors to prevent them taking up valuable shelf space.

Under-bed storage

Utilise the space under your bed by storing your decorations in containers designed to fit underneath. Flat or slim items such as wrapping paper and artificial trees would work best here.

Vacuum-sealed bags

A worthy investment in any smaller space, vacuum-sealed bags are a great option for storing fabric decorations, blankets, and clothes.

Store in furniture

Another win for storage in smaller spaces, opting for furniture in your home that doubles up as storage is a great way to maximise your space without cluttering your home with unnecessary extras. Think coffee tables with hidden drawers, or a bench with a lift-up seat – anything that you can sneak a few boxes into for the remaining seasons. 

How to store Christmas baubles

The question we all ask ourselves each year with the annual Christmas cleanup: how are you meant to store Christmas baubles in a safe and organised way? Here’s a few options to consider.

Egg cartons or cupcake trays

Upcycle cartons that would otherwise be discarded into nifty bauble holders – safeguarding your decorations and doing your bit for the planet at the same time.

String light spools

Save the spools from used-up string lights. Wrap each bauble in tissue paper and place them in the individual compartments of the spools, which you can then safely store in a larger box.

Wine boxes

The individualised compartments in wine or liquor boxes are great for storing decorations in, and there’s usually not a shortage of these knocking about at Christmastime.

Christmas decoration storage isn’t just about saving space – it’s about preserving your festive treasures so that they can be used over and over, for years to come. Streamline your decorating process with these handy tips and add some extra magic into the season – you’ll thank yourself next year.

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